"To be the global supplier of choice for
upkeep and capacity extensions for used wet tools"


This is PTW's Vision

PTW can refurbish and exchange the following Robot types:


Brooks, DBM2407, DBM2407, ATM406 ATM407, VAC407-2a, Tazmo, Genmark, GB4, GB4S, GB7, GB8, Yaskawa XU, Kawasaki, Rorze.


PTW Asia Pte Ltd

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, #05-22
 Ubi Tech Park Lobby B
 Singapore 408564
Telephone: +65 67473101
E-Mail: torsten@ptwsingapore.com

Production Technologie Wenzel GmbH

Address: Bleiberg-Nötsch 91
 9531 Bleiberg-Nötsch
 Kärnten / Austria
Telephone: +43 676 9507 959
E-Mail: torsten@ptwsingapore.com

PTW Philippines Private Co Ltd

Address: BLDG 1503 Eight ST.
 Pampanga Economic Zone
 Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City
 2009 Philippines
Telephone:+63 045 901 0971
E-Mail: ask@ptwsingapore.com

PTW Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Address:Suite 1.04B, 1st floor
 KHTP Business Centre
 Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kulim Kedah
 09000 Malaysia
Telephone:+604 4924636
E-Mail: ask@ptwsingapore.com

PTW Europa GmbH

Address:Maria Reiche Strasse 1
 E.10.1 - E.10.3
 Dresden 01109
Telephone:+49 351 88925275
E-Mail: info@ptweurope.com


Telephone:+86 183 0621 5572
E-Mail: ask@ptwsingapore.com