Tool Part No Description
SEMITOOL 0100-76124 Digital I/O Board Rev. 001
SEMITOOL 0200-09075 ADAPTER, PUMPING PLATE #6 (ceramic)
SEMITOOL 1011529 Pin safety-, ring-tilt AST3000 cleaned
SEMITOOL 111T1203-03 Semitool Anode Chamber Bowl 111T1203-03 (2nd Source New)
SEMITOOL 111T1203-03-Refurb Semitool Anode Chamber Bowl Repair 111T1203-03 (Repair Service)
SEMITOOL 213T0373-01 ASM Finger 213T0373-01
Material: Teflon
SEMITOOL 219T1384-02 Socket 100 Amp solid buss Rotor 200/300 bridge
SEMITOOL 220T0026-100 High Current Plating Motor
SEMITOOL 220T0035-100 Capsule Spin Motor
SEMITOOL 220T0046-100 High Current Plating Motor - T61105-30 (HT02001-D03-HE)
SEMITOOL 220T0046-503 Motor Assembly Plating Head, High Current Hathaway 502
SEMITOOL 220T0047-100 Spin/ Actuate Motor
SEMITOOL 220T0047-501 Spin/ Actuate Motor
SEMITOOL 220T0049-100 Capsule Spin Motor, Shaft Variation of 2200T0035-100
SEMITOOL 220T0055-100 Capsule Spin Motor, Shaft Variation of 2200T0035-100
SEMITOOL 220T0059-502USM Large Capsule Spin Motor (Original)
SEMITOOL 220T0063-09 Semitool Motor
SEMITOOL 220T0073-100 Capsule Spin Motor, High Corrosion Resistance
SEMITOOL 220T0081 Large Capsule Spin Motor (Newer)
SEMITOOL 2321559-01-Refurb DVX4 Eco Linear Module L (Full Refurbishment with 3 months warranty)
SEMITOOL 2338199-00-Refurb NC-CHUCK 300/300/300-BF V2 Refurbishment
SEMITOOL 2338992-01 Robot Sankyo SR 8240 3 LP
SEMITOOL 23871-01 A2U00096872 Board DRVHD Interface
SEMITOOL 310C0143-70 Pressure Transducer Assembly
(Wafer / Ring Rinse)
SEMITOOL 329C0049-01 FIlter, Sump Pump, 500um
SEMITOOL 429T2032-01 Semitool Remote Chemical I/O Block Rev C
PN: 429T2032-01
SN: 380
SEMITOOL 6-F4-14183 Packing(0.73) Chuck Head SE54537
SEMITOOL 601T0400-501 Semitool Robot Parts (Refurbishment)
SEMITOOL 60809-06 Time 10 Hour Max 24 Volt AC/DC Dependent
SEMITOOL 610T0123-01-OEM as is Robot Semitool with Control Dual Arm Set - OEM as is
SEMITOOL 610T0338-01 Semitool Robot
SEMITOOL 610T0400-501 Semitool Raider Robot (Refurbishment)
SEMITOOL 61593-24 Valve Solenoid 4 Way 20 Stage SMC Top
MOQ : 3pcs
SEMITOOL 62810-39 Latch, Compression, (for Plexi Access Panels)
SEMITOOL 62810-40 Latch, Compression, Pull Tab
(for Plexi Access Panels)
SEMITOOL 70900-139 Pump, Pneumatic White Knight X50
SEMITOOL 70912 Switch Pneumatic With Roller Arm
SEMITOOL 70961-179 Flow Sensor 2-16lpm 3/4 di Malema PTFE
SEMITOOL 72056-210 Flow Meter, Plating Surpass ESF-20
SEMITOOL 73042-45 Pressure Readout Switch Echoline
SEMITOOL 73087 Relay 24 Volt DC Dependent 8 Pin 10 Amp
SEMITOOL 73087-01 Relay 24 Volt DC 14 pin
SEMITOOL 73147-08 Power Supply, Logic 55, Watts
SEMITOOL 73147-24 Power Supply, Logic (WIP)
SEMITOOL 73147-65 Power Supply 24 VDC @ 6.5Amps
SEMITOOL 90004-91 Flow Meter, Bath Recovery
SEMITOOL 900C0329-01 Semitool own Power Supply


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