Tool Part No Description
SEZ 2000659-00 Driver Encoder HEDS
SEZ 2000664-00 Switch Proximity 1117.0101
SEZ 2000697-00 Bellows VITON for GT24 Long Version 396
SEZ 2000764-00 Flowmeter 2l Analog 6P
SEZ 2000765-00 FlowMeter 3l Analog 6P
SEZ 2000771-00 LFM VERT VFA-33-SSV
SEZ 2000773-00 FlowMeter Vertical VFA-43-SSV
SEZ 2000818-00 Fork Joint
SEZ 2000865-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 0.5A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000866-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 10A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000867-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 1A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000869-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 2A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000870-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 4A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000872-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 5A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000874-00 Fuse
(5x20mm 8A Slow Blow)
SEZ 2000903-00 GRUB SCREW M4X4 DIN916 A
SEZ 2000934-00 2 Way Manual Valve 1/2" INTEGRA
SEZ 2000935-00 2 Way Hand Valve INTEGRA 1/2" 201-37
SEZ 2001022-00 Sensor Inductive 6-fold NAMUR
SEZ 2001022-01 Inductive Proximity Switch 6 Ways
SEZ 2001029-00 Driver Encoder 10B4 EB2-RST-DC-INK
SEZ 2001033-00 Encoder HEDS 5500 A14
SEZ 2001035-00 Driver Encoder PH264 EB2-DC_SCHR-IN
SEZ 2001036-00 Card Input for Chemistry System
SEZ 2001129-00 Capacitive Sensor KAS-80-A23A TEFLON
SEZ 2001134-00 Relay 2um 24V
SEZ 2001138-00 Keyboard US Layout w/Trackball
SEZ 2001206-00 Coupling 14AL-H-GS/2.0 D10x11/2.0 D10X11
SEZ 2001217-00 Miniature Lamp
(24V-80mA-2W BA9s)
SEZ 2001234-00 Thin Wave Guide
(Guide Light .5mm Fiber M3 E32-DC200E)
SEZ 2001237-00 Guide Fiberoptic Light E32-TC200
SEZ 2001240-00 Lens Light Guide E39-F1
SEZ 2001244-00 Light Barrier Amplifier Unit
(Amplifier Optical Sensor E3X-A41 OMRON)
(E3X-A51) PTW Austria unable to supply this unit
(to check with Sharin before quote this unit)
SEZ 2001307-00 Fan 24VDC 120x120mm 170m3/h PVC
SEZ 2001354-00 Screw Socket head M3x16 (100pc)
SEZ 2001370-00 Screw Socket Head M3X6 (100pc)
SEZ 2001372-00 Screw Hex Socket CS M3x - pack of 100
SEZ 2001378-00 Screw Socket Head M4X10 (100pc)
SEZ 2001380-00 Screw Hex Socket CS M4x - pack of 100
SEZ 2001383-00 ScrewHexSocket CS M4x16 DIN 963 PVDF
SEZ 2001402-00 ScrewHexSocket CS M4x8 DIN 963 PVDF
SEZ 2001509-00 FlowMeter Mass 400slm WFM-040
SEZ 2001523-00 PC Measurement Card National LAB-PC-+
SEZ 2001523-00-OEMRefurbished PC Measurement Card National LAB-PC-+ - OEM Refurbished
SEZ 2001523-00-Refurb PC Measurement Card National LAB-PC-+- Refurb
SEZ 2001526-00 Switch SubMicro 1W 3A
SEZ 2001527-00 Micro Switch With Flat Lever
(Switch SubMicro 1W 3A w/Flat Lever)
SEZ 2001528-00 Micro Switch With Lever
(1W 3A w/Lever)
SEZ 2001529-00 Micro Switch SS5GL2 1W 3A, Roller Lever


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